Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mono's WCF

Welcome to my blog.

Since I have recently spent quite some time working on Mono's WCF implementation, I thought it might be a good idea to open a blog and share the experience during this development.

I will tag all the WCF related posts with WCF tag. I think that this group of posts will be useful for people who are using, considering using, or contributing to Mono's WCF implementation.

I work at Mainsoft, managing the development team of Grasshopper. We are interested in supporting WCF in our Grasshopper at some time in the future, and thus my personal interest in WCF at Mono.

Anyway, what I wanted to mention is that recently over the past couple of weeks, I have seen some usage of WCF on the olive dev list. For instance:

My point is that although the status of WCF is still initial, bugs in WCF - especially within the constraints of basicHttpBinding - are treated at a fairly high priority. If you can explain the bug you are having, it is likely we will fix it fairly quickly.


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Situs said...

Noam, how do I go about submitting a potential bug report. I'm using mono WCF from a WnBuilder PE CD boot environment and I'm getting a couple of errors. One where the runtime reports that fields should not be readonly and another (more serious) where marshalling of a structure fails.